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 Even if you're staying for one day in our hotel "Sportivna", you will want to unwind a little bit and take a walk, what to speak of the weekend or a whole week in the city. Thus, leisure in Simferopol - how can it be? Although Simferopol a small town, there are still many beautiful places, from parks and ending nightlife.

In an effort to enrich their inner cultural world, guests of visit museums and theaters. In Simferopol, there are several museums that will introduce you to the history of the Crimea and its multi-ethnic culture. And what could be better than playing a talented cast that unfolds before the audience brightest drama, comedy, or tragicomedy. In theaters Simferopol you can always find the announcement a few days and choose the most interesting performances.
Cinemas show movies and offer a comfortable setting for watching movies. In concert halls, you can enjoy the music filled with deep meaning. And Simferopol Art Café will give you the opportunity to enjoy the classical or modern literature with a cup of coffee.
Who is looking for active recreation, ice rink worth a visit to take part in the performances of professional and amateur skaters. The rides will be particularly interesting to those who arrived in Simferopol with children. Entertaining complex offers a games room and a selection of interesting attractions for adults and children. In the evening you can look and bowling or billiard room. Especially because such places abound in Simferopol.